Is Stan Lee Walking Around NYC Or Am I Going Crazy?

I came across Jeff Nadu's tweet last night and 100% thought I was watching a superhero movie. Does this not look like a Stan Lee cameo you'd see from his Marvel Movies!? You have terror erupting in the city of what looks like NYC, some boarded up walls, a cameraman running for his life, just a bundle of chaos happening! And then you have the infamous Stan Lee walking down the street, minding his own business! If for some reason you can't see it, maybe this edit will make more sense.

You can't make this up! Some are saying this is actually Johnny Knoxville. Even though he was great in Bad Grandpa, I 100% believe this is Stan Lee. It's still a shame that we lost him almost 2 years ago. You'd never know when he would pop up in a scene, but it made you smile every time. Feel free to take a trip down memory lane and relive Stan's best cameos. For as much as The Amazing Spiderman 2 sucked, his cameo in the library is still my favorite of his. RIP Stan Lee.