Proof That Philly Fans Hate The Cowboys More Than Anything Else On This Planet

Fortunately it seems like all of the looting and destruction has died down over the past couple of days, and everything in the city (besides the ATMs getting blown) have been remaining on focus and staying peaceful. What happened, happened. And as much as its a shame that businesses were vandalized, there's nothing we can really do about it now. 

But if for any reason people or companies in Philly still don't feel safe, there's an easy solution to keep your stuff fully intact--just cover everything in a Cowboys logo. Because Philly fans will avoid that shit like the plague. Well, I guess not actually like the plague since we currently have one of those going on right now as well. But they'll avoid it like Dracula avoids garlic. Which honestly sucks for Dracula. I don't trust anybody who doesn't use a shit ton of fresh garlic in pretty much any recipe they're cooking. If the recipe calls for 2 heads of garlic, I'm always tossing in at least 4 or 5. You don't like garlic, you don't like flavor. So maybe that's why Dracula was going around sucking everybody's blood. That dumb mother fucker just never had any tasty food in his life because he doesn't fuck with garlic. You ever think about that? I think I'm sympathetic to Dracula now. 

But that's not the point here. The point is that no matter what, in any given situation, Philly fans will always hate the shit out of the Cowboys. Go Birds.