Philadelphia Teen Rolls Around Basketball Hoop to Bring People Together to Just Play Some Ball

This is so awesome.

We could all use a few more stories like this right now. Khalil Gardner seems like a pretty awesome kid who just wants to use his love of basketball to bring some people together at a time everyone could use that most.

And this is at the heart of why we all love sports to begin with. When there are real problems in the world, it's ok to want to address those but also want to step away for a minute to watch a game or play some ball. And in this case, i think it's pretty obvious playing basketball is accomplishing the former goal, as well.

I don't know if Gardner is a Sixers fan or not, but I think it would be really cool for them to do something special for him once everything in sports goes back to normal. We need to see more stories like this, now more than ever.

Good for Khalil and his friends. This is the stuff that will bring people together more quickly than anything else.