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Jennifer Aniston Is Auctioning Off A Nude Portrait Of Herself For Charity And Somehow It's Only $6,500

Yeah I used nude portrait because that's the headline I saw that sucked me in. It's not technically incorrect so we're using it. Either way, how is this going for only $6,500? This is an all-time legendary photo from an all-time girl crush. Here's what I don't get, how is this so cheap? It's for charity, it's a great cause. We saw a Michael Jordan love letter go for $20,000. We saw MJ jerseys go for a ridiculous amount. We've seen cards and anything else like that go for a crazy amount. 

For $6,500 feel like you should get this picture of Jennifer Aniston: 

Ah, the great time when it was cool to be a Knicks fan and every girl wanted to be Rachel. Jennifer Aniston is, objectively speaking, one of the most beautiful human females walking the Earth. She has been since she first hit the big time a quarter of a century ago. And you get to have arguably her most known portrait for $6,500? Seems like a no-brainer if you're rich. That's literally chump change if you have money. 

51 years old. Unreal.