CM Punk Officially Removed From The WWE's Roster, Thanks His Fans On Twitter (Plus Some WWE Talk)

Well there you have it, CM Punk is dead. Well not dead, but just officially off the roster. No surprise comeback, no long con, no nothing. He walked out on the company because they wouldn’t give him another cookie after dinner. Maybe it was for noble reasons in his head, but the facts remain that he broke his contract and walked out on his fans.

That being said, it’s hard to blame him for walking out. It’s been discussed before, but the way they were pushing Batista into the Main Event, the way they bring back guys like Lesnar, skyrocket them into the main event, and then he doesn’t wrestle again for 6 months, it has to be infuriating. He was out there night in and night out destroying his body and they had no plans for him to be the guy he wanted to be. So he quit. I’m still a fan, just dislike how he ended it.

Other quick thoughts:

-Well, their two stars they were pushing, Daniel Bryan and Barrett got injured at exactly the wrong times and both had to give up their titles. That was a huge kick in the dick to the company. No idea what they plan on doing with Bryan when he comes back, but they need to put him back into the top card because it’s so stale right now. Randy Orton and Kane and Cena. So incredibly boring.

-Bray Wyatt was supposed to be the top heel but was so good at it the fans started loving him too much, so they put him in a feud with Y2J in order to try to reverse that. It’s working and will be great to watch.

-As I said up there, Kane is still in main events week after week, despite being the worst thing in the company right now. They need to take him behind the shed and put us all out of our misery.

-Dean Ambrose is the best thing on TV week in and week out.

-The main event of Summerslam will be Brock Lesnar vs John Cena unless Vince freaks out and changes it, which is possible because he HATES when shit like this gets out.


SummerSlam Main Event Leaked from TheRussianPolice on Vimeo.


PS: My favorite Vince McMahon story is he hates sneezing because it’s an involuntary action and he needs to be able to control everything. When he sneezes he loses his mind.