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Man Shows Up To Peaceful Protest With Crates of 'Riot Control Bees', Calls It His "Backup Plan" In Case Of Riots

There's something about beekeepers that's just unsettling. Just something about handling bees all day long that makes me uneasy. The risk/reward is far too much for yours truly. If all goes well, you get some nice honey.... or something, I guess. However, if things go wrong you're looking at a whole bunch of bees stinging you straight into the afterlife. 

Honestly, I can barely handle hearing a single "bzz" whilst mowing the lawn without shrieking and running away, let alone an entire colony of the bastards. It's just a weird triangle of me not trusting bees, therefore not trusting beekeepers, because they trust bees.


A Wisconsin man brought a dozen crates of bees to a protest and threatened to release them if the local protest descended into riots.

Greg Hoeft of Janesville brought 12 crates of bees towed on a trailer to a parking lot nearby the protest, which had about 100 people on Saturday.

Weaponizing bees is a whole different story. No one wants to be caught in the midst of some sort of bee sting storm that leaves you looking like a balloon with too much air in it. I'm actually convinced that you could conquer cities with a fleet of bees behind you. There can't be many people out there who are just willing to go toe to toe with hundreds of bees. If there is, more power to them, they're a stronger person than I ever will be. 

My biggest question is why bring them to a peaceful protest? I get there have been all sorts of rioting going on but why feel the need to bring hundreds of bees to a protest of like 100 people? There are a bunch of peaceful, non-violent protests about the same issues going on at this very moment, without bees! By bringing crate fulls of fucking bees with the premonition that you're gonna have to use them, you're no better than the people who would be rioting anyways. You're just adding to the violence if anything and that's not at all what we need.

“The riot control bees are in their holding yard waiting to clear the streets of Janesville and keep peace to this county. I’m willing to bring them in and kick them over if things get out of control,” he said in a now-protected Facebook post.

Police learned of Hoeft’s “backup” plan, and asked him to leave the area, as they apparently had the event under control, according to the GazetteExtra.

Like who the fuck is this guy to all of a sudden go and try to play hero ball at these protests. The police are there to stop anything if it goes too bad, they don't need your fucking swarm of bees getting all up in there. All it does is add to the tension of the protest. I'd honestly be pretty on edge if I was protesting and Joe Schmo shows up with a truckload of bees, ready to pounce at a moment's notice. I'm not even sure how effective the bees would be. Protesters for sure have had their eyes on the guy with bees swarming around from the second he pulled up. Those bees get released and everyone is running away fast.

The police must've been pretty rattled too. Here they are, trying to make sure everything is safe and under control when this asshole rolls up with his entire life's work as a beekeeper in the back tryna big dick everyone. It's just unnecessary. Thankfully, the cops realized this guy was a looney bin and told him to get lost. I like to imagine he finished explaining his back up plans to the cops and they just kicked him out on sight. 

I'm just happy that no one was hurt during all of this drama in Janesville and that the weirdo with the bees was removed from the situation.