Is The PLL Going To Save Our Sports Summer?

I am a big lacrosse guy. Played for a long time, have been a big fan ever since and have loved what the PLL has done both on and off the field. Their social media and digital presence is amazing, they have fun (created an entire press day around a fake team called the "Beans" and the lacrosse is damn good. After hearing Myles Jones speak on the Token CEO podcast today and express his confidence in what this season is going to look like, I am even more excited. 

My guy Jordie wrote about this when the news dropped, but here's a quick refresher for those who don't know.

- 7 teams

- Fourteen-game group play period (four games each) to determine seeding

- Single-game elimination tournament.

This format is amazing because every single game counts. While the MLB is still figuring out the logistics of what the hell they're going to do, the PLL took quick action to pivot from their original traveling league schedule to figure out something that will be both exciting and competitive. If the increase in attention around NASCAR and the astonishingly large number of people who watched the Tiger/Phil/Tom/Peyton golf match is any indicator, people will be looking for something to watch, and the PLL seems like they are ready to be just that. 

Also, Myles Jones (who is one of the league's top players) just got traded from the Chaos to the Redwoods and who doesn't love a revenge game? 

I think this summer is going to be a giant one for not just the PLL, but the entire sport of lacrosse with the amount of increased attention and desire for sports we acre currently experiencing in the United States. Throw in mic'd up players, trade drama, single game elimination and more? Let's go.

Sports are always more fun when you know the individuals participating, so if you want to learn more about Jones, take a listen to today's Token CEO episode here: