"Hey, Honey. Can You Stop And Take A Picture Of Me In Front Of This Looted T-Mobile Store?"

Last night, I blogged the video above. Pretty wild stuff. I didn't think it would get much (relatively) worse than that for the influencers in the wild. I would say I was right in that assumption, but this video right here? It's pretty damn close. 

Just a big T-Mobile fan, I guess? 

We do have to consider that the boyfriend in this scenario is just as bad. It's like when a major company broadcasts a racist/sexist commercial. How did not one person say "wait a second, are we sure that we should do this?" This is just one person, not a full company, so it's not apples to apples. However, how much of a SIMP do you have to be to take this photo without even questioning her? Use your brain, dude. 

I want to give this couple the benefit of the doubt, but I just can't. It's a T-Mobile store. What could the significance be? Maybe there is something outside of the frame? Still, read the room, guys. This isn't the time for photoshoots in our workout clothes.