Best Deal Since Bobby Bonilla: Posh Spice Was Paid $1.2 Million Last Year NOT To Sing On A Spice Girls Reunion Tour

[Source] - Victoria Beckham made nearly £1million by NOT singing with the Spice Girls on last year’s reunion tour. Posh, 46, snubbed the gigs but benefited from renewed interest in the band.

The former Spice Girl raked in more from the reunion tour she took no part in last year than from her failing fashion business, The Sun can reveal. Posh made nearly £1million in cash-making ventures on the back of the 13 UK comeback gigs she snubbed — much more than the £700,000 she paid herself from her clothes label.

What a deal! Haven't seen something like this since Bobby Bonilla (we don't say Chris Davis' new contract in this household). A cool million pounds or $1.2 MILLION to do nothing! Nothing! You can't make up a better deal than that. So how did she do this? 

Well they have a deal that they split everything five ways. Even though it was agreed Posh - let's be honest, using a Spice Girls real name just isn't the same - wasn't going to tour last year and work on her fashion line, she was owed a fifth of what was earned. That's the ultimate make it until you snake it. That's the ultimate being part of a group project where you just put your name on it while everyone else does the work. It's an unbelievable move that honestly her agent or whoever negotiated this needs to be paid more. 

And let's be honest, this is still a jam: 

I was always kinda surprised there wasn't a bigger girl band fight in a way. We had BSB vs NSync and even boy bands like 98 Degrees, LFO, O-Town, etc all pop up. It was just the Spice Girls in the girl band world where we had solo fights. Christina vs Britney vs Jessica Simpson hell even Mandy Moore showed up. Man, there was nothing like TRL. I wish we had music videos and TRL still. 

New goal in life: be good enough or popular enough to get paid $1.2 million to not do it. Seems like that's the way to succeed.