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Long Island Better Not Disappoint Me Tomorrow Night At Mulcahy's

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The reality of the matter is, this is a can’t miss party for me. Its a live band playing all the old school hits I loved back when music was awesome. Its insanely cheap drinks (3 dollar beers, 3 dollar mixed drinks, $4 Fireball) and the place is huge with TVs everywhere. So I really have nothing but high hopes for tomorrow.

But all that being said, this is a big moment for Long Island. Its our first real Barstool party out there. Not including the Blackout because that was just a different animal, this party is the first time all the normal Stoolies are getting together at the bar. Its just a standard, good old fashioned bar. Place has been around for 50 years. They know what puts asses in the seats and thats good music, good booze and pretty girls. But if this party goes as well as I think it can, there’s a lot more we can do out on the Island. Head further out east to the summer bars. Hit up Long Beach and party there. Fuck maybe we even hit up the strip of spots by Hofstra and get real weird with it. Point is this is Long Island’s chance to become a major party spot for the Barstool network. So dont disappoint. Bring your A Game. Here’s all the details

Where: Mulcahy’s In Wantagh 3232 Railroad Ave, Wantagh, NY 11793

When: Tomorrow Night, Friday, 10pm

What: Live band – The Plunge playing 90s music

Drinks: $3 Bud Light, $3 Mixed Drinks, $4 Fireball

Giveaways: Mets and Yankees tickets

Cost: $15 cover at the door or get your ticket now for just $10 here.