Donald Trump Definitely Knows How To Hold A Bible

The world is burning, still, but I laughed out loud at this video. Just incredible, incredible stuff. Did he even practice holding a book before he got there? When he weirdly grabbed it with his thumb facing the front I actually thought, "Oh my god, is he about to hold this up above his head?" and then he did! I mean he looks like a child who just found a new toy and, after studying it a bit, decided to proudly show it off to the world. "Look what Nana got me for Christmas, mommmy!" He looks like the kid in Dennis the Menace who sticks out the apple and says, "A apple." A bible. That's what Trump has. It's clearly a bible. You can see as much. Bible. It's his favorite book, though, and I also carry my favorite book everywhere so who am I to say anything.