A Group Of Tampa Bay NFL & CFB Players Came Together Yesterday To Help Clean Up Looted Areas Of Their City

I may be missing a few names here, but included in this group is:

-Bengals WR Auden Tate

-Bills WR Ray-Ray McCloud

-Colts CB Isaiah Rodgers 

-USF QB Jordan McCloud

A great act of service from these players. It appears they are helping out an area where a Champs Sports store is located:

This group of incredibly accomplished football players were taking part in this service after a group chat started between them. It wasn't a political statement or an act against those who are protesting, but instead just the urge to clean up their own community that they are from:

“We just kind of did it,” Cadi Molina said. “It was kind of funny … we walked right past the yellow tape and the [Hillsborough County] Sheriff Chad [Chronister] was out there. We didn't get bothered by nobody. People saw us out there. They didn’t bother us. They helped out.”

“We're just trying to keep the unity and peace in Tampa,” Molina said. “The city we trust.”