Marquette King Was Out In Phoenix Cleaning Up The Morning After Protests And Promoting Positive Change That's So Good To See

This is an incredibly important and challenging time in our nation's history. It's so important for us to listen right now and try our best to understand the actual issues going on in the United States. For a long time we ignored the problems at hand and unfortunately brushed them aside. Peaceful protests fell on deaf ears and that's why we're here right now after the murder of George Floyd. You can say you understand that racism exists in America and say that you are not racist, but that's not good enough anymore. 

We've got to do shit about the people who are racist and are doing things like Derek Chauvin. We can't have guys like him in positions of power and deciding what's right and wrong in the world. The system needs a shake up 100%. I myself am a white privileged dude from New Jersey and it's impossible for me to put myself in the oppressed sides' shoes. I can't imagine the stupid shit I did in my life that would have been handled so differently if I were someone of color. At the end of the day I'm in a completely different position than those feeling oppressed right now and that puts me at such a disadvantage of realizing the gravity of what's going on. The most important thing we can do right now is listen. It's literally all I've been doing since the protests and riots started. KFC dropped his 45 minute Mailtime and Pardon My Take today as well. There's Killer Mike's speech and Officer Murphy as well as countless others that I've yet to get to. I'm sitting here trying to listen to everything I can first and then do my best to impact positive change from there. 

That's what Marquette King did today in Phoenix, Arizona. The former Raiders star punter was out there with Robert Nelson Jr. and a bunch of random people cleaning up the mess that the protests and riots left over night. People just coming together to do the right thing to set their sights on the one goal of uniting and becoming the best version of ourselves. No one asked Marquette King to go out there and clean up the city, but there he was promoting out positive change. It's the small victories like these that Arian Foster talks about today on PMT that need to keep happening. That's just genuine good right there and we need more of it. It sounds so corny but we need to work together to get better. 

Another instance of a small victory was what we saw with the Flint Sheriff walking together with the people in the community instead of the more aggressive situations we've seen unfold in the riots. That right there is the ending goal. I don't agree with the riots and destruction of businesses, but I sure as hell understand the message behind it now. A few days ago I wasn't of that mindset, but after listening to various people I've learned some shit. I can't imagine feeling that ignored all these years of being oppressed that you feel that's your only move left to get people to listen. It's a crazy fucking world we're living in right now. Hopefully the last few days have allowed everyone to wake up and realize what's going on. I know you're seeing a ton of bad shit on the news over the last 48 hours, but there's also good happening like with King and the Flint Sheriff. I pray we see more and more of that in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. 

It's so hard to describe what's going on right now. I don't think I'm in a position to tell anyone what to do but I would strongly suggest listening to Arian Foster on PMT. Truly just an incredibly educating conversation that can help all of us get on a similar page. That's the final goal. Have everyone get on the same team and change the country for the better. I don't have answers for how that actually happens and I don't know if anyone does right now, but the way to start is to listen and learn. Educate ourselves right now and figure this shit out. Stay safe everyone.