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Jennie Finch Struck Out Adrian Peterson; Still Has Her Fastball, Both Figuratively And Literally


First of all, I have no idea what is up with the quality of this video. Every time I think we are making strides as a society, a video comes in that looks worse than the moon landing. Secondly, AP should never show his face in public again. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t swung a bat in 1 day, 15 years, or ever in your life, you don’t let Jennie Finch strike you out. Unless of course you’re playing the ol’ “let her win” game, which in reality, is a pile of shit anyway. Don’t let the chick win, assert your dominance. How else do you get them in your basement back to your place? Be a man. AP is as bad at softball as he is at birth control.

PS: After home run derby, I muted the TV to watch shit on my laptop, and then I looked up and saw Jennie Finch and my dick did a back flip and my drawers immediately got sticky. She hasn’t lost a step. She’s actually gotten hotter. These pictures from last night are better than the pics of her from 10 years ago. Rocket then, rocket now. PS: High socks and short shorts on a girl all day every day.


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