Update: The Nats Owners Have Come To Their Senses And Will Not Cut The Minor Leaguers' Pay


In case you missed it, the Lerners, the most wealthy owners in MLB, decided to cut minor leaguers salaries by 25% saving themselves billions of dollars, scratch that, $75,000 per month. *Snaps fingers* andddd they just made it back.

Immediately after that, the Nats major leaguers decided "fuck that" and came together to make up for that 25% pay cut out of their pockets. It accomplished 2 things- it got the minor leaguers, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck, their full salary, and also showed how cheap the owners can be.

Well, it didn't take long for the Lerners to come to their senses and realize $75,000 a month is literally, not figuratively, but literally un-noticeable in their bank statements, and according to Grant H Paulsen, have decided to pay:



Well golly, woulda ya look at that?

I get these guys aren't playing right now, I get it. But it's also 0% their fault. And also, as I said in the first blog, what's even the point of being a billionaire if you aren't taking care of your guys? When you get a bonus at work, is there anything better than buying drinks at the bar? How does one with $5 billion even think about cutting salaries of guys 25%??? It's so easy to just not do that and not look like a cheap bum. Glad they came around to their senses and did the obviously correct thing.