Hard Factor Radio 6/1: Civil Unrest Across the Country Continues

What happened to George Floyd is a tragedy.  What happens every day to oppressed, disrespected, and unfairly treated Black people across the nation is a tragedy. The violence erupting across the nation as a result is also a tragedy. We need to acknowledge what's going on and take a look in the mirror.

Today's episode of Hard Factor Radio was different but necessary. It is our duty to report the news for Barstool Sports and to do it in the usual Barstool way, but it's tough to do that right now since not much of what's transpired in the last week has been a laughing matter.  Today, we looked at the events that transpired this past week, and how history has led us to where we are now.  We sure as hell don't have the answers, but we obviously cannot ignore what is going on so we talked about it on SIRIUS today:

We sympathize with the protesters seeking justice and equal treatment for Black people all over the world; empathize with confused and uncomfortable white people who don't know how to react; sympathize with the family, and loved ones of George Floyd and others killed or injured during this time.  We sympathize with all of you... Except ANTIFA.

Every American regardless of race or religion has the right to be heard. The freedoms of speech and to assemble are fundamental to any functioning society and when utilized properly, they can be the greatest tool of defense or action.  Exercising your right to be heard and your right to vote are the cornerstones to affecting change as a US citizen. 

Killer Mike and Terrance Floyd, George's brother, said it best.  Fill out the Census.  Let 'em know who you are! Your voice will grow with the representation you receive in return.  Continue on peacefully and don't let the message get drowned out by destruction. 

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