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Here's A Game Of Thrones/Big Ten Mash Up Commercial If That Interests You


Why not I guess?  This commercial ran this weekend during the Iowa game and it’s pretty cool I suppose.  Somewhat confusing.  Almost like the people at the Big Ten were like, “What’s the most popular show in the world right now?  Game of Thrones?  We should make a Big Ten/GOT mash up and for no apparent reason other than that show is really really popular.”  Unless I’m missing something which is always a possibility. But if we’re being honest I of course loved it.  I love the Big Ten and I love Game of Thrones so what’s not to like?  That’s where I’m currently at with my love of Game of Thrones.  Somebody can make a commercial involving it and something else that has absolutely nothing to do with the show and I’ll enjoy it.

Who would be the best head football coach to add to the list of a million characters there already are in GOT?  Has to be Bo Pelini, right?  Has to be.  The guy is an asshole wild card who would fit perfectly into the world of Westeros and make things interesting.  As much as I want to say Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz would be a good character the fact of the matter is that he’s boring as fuck and wouldn’t be able to carry a storyline by himself.  The guy does nothing but chew gum, scribble notes onto his note pad and take 2 star recruits from the Midwest and turn them into NFL players.  His demeanor is good for the identity of a college football team but not so much when trying to make an HBO show interesting.