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Wake Up With a ‘Lord of the Rings’ Cast Reunion

Maybe you can argue that escapist entertainment like a virtual reunion of the cast of a fantasy movie trilogy that’s 17 years old doesn’t really fit the mood of the country at the moment. But I respectfully disagree. I could use a little taste of a world where the line between right and wrong and good and evil is clear fo everyone. Even if it is only fiction. Plus this “Lord of the Rings” Zoom call Josh Gas put together is for a worthy cause.

I had no intention of watching this entire thing but couldn’t shut it off because I needed this now more than ever. And it just gets better as he keeps adding people. By the time they started pairing off to do exchanges of dialogue I was in until the end. Come for Sean Bean explaining the origin of his “One does not simply walk” meme. Stay for Sean Astin and Elijah Wood do Sam’s speech about hope. This speech. Which frankly we can all use right now.

My favorite film series of all time. One of the great casts ever assembled. And a chance to support No Kid Hungry. Enjoy.