Nationals PLAYERS Are Covering The Paycuts The Billionaire Owners Have Given The Entire Farm System



This is just something. The Nationals yesterday cut 40 minor leaguers and announced paycuts of $100/week, a 25% cut, across every player in the minors. Ted Lerner is the wealthiest owner in baseball. He just cut salaries to save how much money?


What's the point of being a billionaire if you're not going to take care of your guys? Shouldn't that be the actual fun of being a billionaire? Like, nothing feels better than buying your friends drinks at the bar when you make a few extra dollars or get a bonus. Imagine being able to pay salaries of all the guys your team has drafted and giving them comfort and peace of mind in a pandemic and you can't even notice the change in your bank account? 

So what happened? Almost instantly, the PLAYERS stepped up:




Unreal. Bravo. This should never, ever happen but they couldn't sit back and watch it actually happen. 

And the thing is, the Lerners spend money like motherfuckers. Look at this team they assembled! We aren't your low-rent poverty franchise. So this move makes zero sense to me from the Lerners and it's an awesome, unbelievable gesture from the players.

Hopefully the Lerners make it right. 



Not cool at all.