"I Chased Him Down And Whooped His Ass" - JR Smith Caught Someone Smashing His Window And Took Matters Into His Own Hands

Chances are because JR Smith is a famous athlete he's going to have to deal with some assault charges or something, but in all honesty isn't this how any normal person would react if they saw someone smashing their car windows? You can't go around smashing car windows and then not be prepared to get your ass whooped by the owner of said vehicle in my opinion. I don't think it's a stretch to say that stuff like this sort of takes away from the whole message right? Chances are whoever that person is that smashed the window and then got his ass beat by JR isn't out there for the right reasons.

Also to that guy saying stop filming to respect JR's privacy, uhhhhh he's in the street. He's not in the privacy of his own property, of course people are going to film. The sad thing is this will probably be spun in a negative way by some and it'll only do more harm. Yes, it's true that kicking someone in the head like that is pretty fucked up, but so is smashing random people's car windows just for the sake of causing chaos and destruction. Sadly this is probably not the first time we'll see a video like this, and JR will most likely have to deal with this further because he's a public figure, the whole thing just sucks.

So please, everyone stay safe. Don't be that kid. It's possible to voice your opinion and your frustrations in a peaceful manner. A lot of people are out there for the right reasons and have found ways to do it. Going around smashing random car windows isn't that. To me, that does the exact opposite and only adds fuel to the fire.