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This Is, *TO ME*, One Of The Most Powerful Takes On 'Black Lives Matter' On The Internet

UPDATE (7:30 PM)

After seeing the responses and the feedback, I updated the headline of the original blog to more accurately (and responsibly) reflect what it is I am trying to say. I heard what you had to say, and while it was NEVER my intention to offend anyone, I realize now that a white female saying a BLM message from a white male is "the most powerful message" can appear incredibly condescending and privileged. This blog and this platform has always been a place where I speak for myself about my feelings and experiences – TO ME, this is one of the most powerful explanations of why Black Lives Matter is so important. I'm fully aware that there are MANY messages that speak to the heart of the issues, and one is not "above" another in any concrete way. All that matters is how it helps you understand and grow personally. I apologize if I offended you and hope to communicate better in the future as we all try to figure this out and grow from it together. 



Watch that again. And don't just listen to it. HEAR it. 

I know I catch a lot of shit about my connection to Hillsong and relationship with my pastor and friend Carl Lentz. While it means everything to me, I don't expect people to always understand it. And I'm not trying to "preach" or "convert" with this blog. Not at all. Just like politics, relationship/faith is something we don't really do here at Barstool often.

But after I shared Carl's passionate rant about BLM on my social platforms, I had SO many people - black, white, believers, non-believers - reach out to me about how powerful this 1:24 minute clip was to them. So I decided to share it here too. You don't have to be slightly religious to resonate with what he said in this video from 2016. It's the most rational take on "Black Lives Matter" from a white person I've ever seen. 

Here we are four years later after he spoke these powerful words and it still rings truer than ever. 

As a blonde haired, blue eyed (very) white girl who grew up going to private school, I realize that my take on things like this is usually met with an eye roll. And you know what? That's fair. Just like Dave said in his State of the Union, I have absolutely no idea what it feels like to be scared for my life when I see a police officer. In fact, there have been a ton of times in my life when I feel SAFER because I see someone in a police uniform near me. 

That's not reality for a lot of people. And it needs to stop. 

Just like the entire world, I've struggled over the last few months. In fact, the last couple of weeks have been some of the hardest for me that I can remember in a long time. Honestly, they've stunk out loud. It's really, REALLY easy to feel sorry for yourself when it feels like your world is crumbling around you and there's no sense of normalcy. 


But last night, I sat at a kitchen table with a couple of my closest friends and watched what's going on around the country and immediately realized that our own personal problems are just… so small. So insignificant. What's going on is much bigger than me. Much bigger than us. Even much bigger than what we've all dealt with in 2020 in these horribly uncertain times. It's about unbelievable injustice against fellow human beings that has gone on WAY too long. And it's very clear that we have hit a breaking point as a society (again). 

I don't have all the answers. I do know violence isn't the answer. But staying silent isn't either. One of my best friends who is a very strong, very proud black man encouraged me to do what I can to keep the conversation going because usually this stuff happens and then it disappears. 

Not this time. It’s needs to stay relative. 

So that's what I wanted to do with this blog. Even if it just touches one person or opens someone's eyes to why "Black Lives Matter" is so important right now. We have to fight to find a way for ALL people to feel loved because of their souls, not the color of their skin. For ALL people to feel safe and to feel worthy of being heard.

all countries.
all places.
all people.
all faces.

People will disagree, but I believe speaking out about what you believe is right will be met with far more praise than hate in the long run. This virus has made people's true colors shine. I've learned a lot about people in my own life throughout all of this, as I'm sure you have to. And no matter what, I won't sit back anymore and ignore the fact that I have a voice to speak out for those who deserve to be heard. 

Here's to hoping for peaceful and better days… for ALL people.