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Recommended: Led Zeppelin - Moby Dick (Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1970)

I know I've posted this clip on the blog before, but the legendary John Bonham woulda turned 72 today, so I'm turnin 'Moby Dick' into a Bonzo Birthday Tradition! 

Legend says that some nights, other members of the band (mainly Jimmy Page, I believe) were so strung out on heroin mid-show that sometimes Bonham would have to stretch this solo out for upwards of 45 minutes, and it'd all be just as mind blowing as this. Greatest rock n' roll drummer of all time for my money. Gone way too soon.

Crank your speakers up to 11, press play, and get the mothafuckin Led out with as bananas a drum solo as you'll ever hear!

I'll leave ya with some pictures of this badass mofo....