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MTV Cribs Spaceship Dragon: Where The Intergalactic Magic Happens

Fuckin Doug and Bob. Just two dudes space goofin and trying to keep their smiles under wraps. The nerd level that you need to be in order to be an astronaut doesn’t start in your 50s. The space bug takes hold at an early age for these brainiacs.

A lifetime or training, prepping, getting ready to go to space and you’re finally there. But, you gotta play it cool. I’d be like 

While seeing where my cum goes. I wouldn’t be doing any tours or anything like that. Not yet. I’d let my excitement shine through and watch the money pile up when I start doing ads from outer space. This trip around the ole blue planet is brought to you by our friends at High Noon. It’s always high noon and time for a nooner when you’re this high... IN MOTHER FUCKIN SPACE!


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