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Army Vet Confronts Man Pretending To Be Veteran While Panhandling

I will never understand what goes through people’s minds when these Stolen Valor scams come out. How you can honestly dress up in Army fatigues like its fucking Halloween pretending to be a United States soldier is beyond me. I’m sure like 99% of these assholes dont get caught but its not even about that. Its about the common decency to not play pretend as someone who went to war for this country when other people really have. I guess when you’re at such a pathetic point in life that you’re begging people for money you’re probably not the type of person to be aware of just how much youre disrespecting real veterans. But I just cant even imagine reaching such a low point in life where you stop being grateful and respectful to veterans of war.

These guys just deserve a solid military beatdown. No more no less. You’re a scumbag for this stunt but you’re so worthless as a person its really not worth making a huge deal out of it. You should just get your ass kicked and humiliated by a real vet and go on with your miserable life.