Do Yourself A Favor And Watch OSU Hoops Player Seth Towns' Powerful Words About Graduating From Harvard And Being Detained By Police For Protesting Within 24 Hours

That's Seth Towns, one of the best transfers college hoops this past year. That's what he's known for, obviously. But I wanted to blog this because of this message. In a 24 hour span, Towns graduated from Harvard and then was detained by police while peacefully protesting in Columbus - where he's originally from and now an OSU hoops player. There's video of his detainment: 

There's always been talk about whether or not athletes should be involved and how they should speak up. Seth Towns has done a beautiful job with his words of explaining the situation through his eyes. Like KFC said and like Will Compton said, I can't relate to someone like Towns. Like the other two guys said, I'm a privileged white guy that doesn't have to experience the same sort of things Towns has to. 

Towns followed this up by appearing on SportsCenter and saying the following: 

If anything at the least just stop being assholes to each other. Listen to what someone else has to say and try to understand where they are coming from. Don't just discount a message because it's coming from an athlete. Listen to Seth Towns, watch his speech. 

And if you haven't yet read our own Brandon's blog. It's legit one of the best things I've read and one of the most honest things I've ever read: