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Gilbert Burns Kicked The Shit Outta Tyron Woodley In Tonight's UFC Main Event

Coming into Tyron Woodley vs Gilbert Burns tonight, I feel like the question on everybody's mind was: "What version of Tyron Woodley are we gonna see?"

We knew Gilbert Burns would show up ready for a scrap - as he always does, even on short notice - but if the version of Woodley that fought Usman stepped into the Apex, would that be enough to take Burns down? 

In my eyes, if the Tyron Woodley that fought, say, Darren Till, showed up at the UFC Apex, he would EASILY leave victorious, but did think, "How realistic was that?" After all, Woodley is 38 years old, was coming off one of the most bizarre and unimpressive performances of his career, and a long layoff on top of that. 

Welp - it turns out it wasn't realistic at all! The Tyron Woodley that fought Kamaru Usman showed up, and the BEST version of Gilbert Burns we've ever seen by far met him across the octagon! Burns then proceeded to kick the everliving shit out of the former UFC Welterweight Champ for five straight rounds! He dropped Woodley multiple times, worked him in every area, CONSTANTLY had him on his back was a some sight to see!

Woodley looked completely and utterly defeated morally and out of the fight by the second round, too. He may not have much time left in the cage. I feel like I half respected a retirement after that one.

Hell of a card tonight tho - awesome fights from start to finish! Congrats to Gilbert Burns and thanks to everyone who has followed along here on Barstool!