You Probably Shouldn't Walk Away From Your Opponent With 5 Seconds Left In The Round


"The Alpha Ginger" Spike Carlyle and Billy Quarantillo just went out into the octagon at the UFC Apex and put on one of the best, most batshit crazy fights we've seen since the pandemic began! It was fucking awesome! 

Just take a look at the way this one started...

Quarantillo worked his way back to a unanimous decision victory in a very impressive grinding fashion after that, and it didn't hurt that The Alpha Ginger pretty much completely emptied his gas tank early on. 

Obviously, the most talked about moment from this fight is gonna be Carlyle just getting up and going for a stroll with five seconds left in the second round, though, and for good reason! I don't remember ever seeing that one before! DC is crying laughing watching that replay! It was truly surreal to watch. 

I saw some controversy over the judges scorecards/decision after the fight, but didn't take issue with any of that myself. I can totally see the argument for Quarantillo doing enough for the 29-28.

Onto the co-main event we go!