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Katlyn Chookagian Makes EASY Work Of Antonina Shevchenko, Gives Her The Robbie Fox Treatment

Katlyn "Blonde Fighter" Chookagian just put an absolute god damn motherfuckin MOLLYWHOPPING on Antonina Shevchenko, basically makin the Flyweight Champion's sister look like ME in the octagon tonight...

....and ya just gotta love to see it. Especially if you took my pick in that one.

It was a great story coming into this fight - Katlyn looking for revenge against the sister of the girl who just beat her - and revenge was had by Chookagian alright! All three judges scored the contest 30-25, and I had it at an unbiased 30-7

Afterwards, she hinted that she may be taking a break shortly as she's got "baby fever", and if that's the case - just let us know where to send the onesies...

Congrats on the dominant win Katlyn! Mackenzie Dern up next!