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Watch Francis Ngannou Giggle Through An Artillery Cannon Full Of Body Shots From Ryan Garcia

Hooooooly fuck! You're exposing the business no-selling the kid like this, Francis! 

Francis Ngannou is makin Ryan Garcia look like he's got MY noodle-armed power in this video! Dude is just giggling like the Pillsbury Doughboy while eating every boxer's worst nightmare! 

I just watched this video the other day of Joe Rogan breaking down one of his old body-kick KOs with Hannibal Burress....

....and one thing that stuck with me when watching this Francis clip was the fact that he said those pads are nothing but "moral support". 

So...Rogan knocked a guy out with a spinning back kick to the pads, and Ryan Garcia - albeit being probably 100lbs lighter than Francis - couldn't even get "The Predator" to blink with everything he had in the tank. Hysterical! 

I'd love to try this with Big Cat when we get back. No offense to Big Cat, I don't wanna punch him, I have no anger towards him - I just it'd be funny. We could catch him up on the Year of the Core 2020 real quick. Let me know Dan!