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10 Years Later, Greyson Chance's Cover of "Paparazzi" Is Still One Of The Best Covers Of All Time


Honestly, I Tweeted this today and wasn't sure what the reaction would be and I am so, SO glad people remember it and dig it like I do. It's from oldddd school internet. I feel Grayson Chance doing "Paparazzi" at his middle school talent show was the original "discovered on YouTube" sensation. He was one of the early YouTube viral sensations who went on Ellen and all of that. 10 years ago! 2010!! And it still is simply incredible:


And never forget the blonde girl who could not believe what she was watching,


and of course the brunette right in front of her who was big time pissed she was sitting at a talent show. 



I would love to find out what she was actually so mad about. But regardless, she is part of history. 

So hey. Today has sucked, but hopefully this brought you some joy. Gosh bless.