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The Kansas City Royals Heroically Announce They Will Not Be Releasing Any Minor Leaguers And Will Be Paying Them For the Entire Year

I know it's crazy we're applauding an employer for paying their employees, but in times like these I think it's worth noting a good thing a team did today in the world of baseball. I know what you're going to say. Obviously a financial powerhouse where money grows on trees is going to pay their people and stand taller than the rest. How can we expect the rest of baseball to keep up and hang with the *checks notes*.... KANSAS CITY ROYALS!??!?! The fucking Royals are showing everyone how it's done while teams like the A's, Dodgers, and Red Sox embarrass themselves. 

The last few days have been ugly. Many teams have cut a good chunk of minor leaguers with others refusing to pay their guys moving forward (cough, cough Oakland). The Royals announced they would not be cutting one player moving forward and will be honoring their contracts for the rest of the season. One better, there will be no layoffs or furloughs of any of their employees. Some of the higher ranking people are taking cuts, but will be given back that money when money starts coming in again. 

That's how you run a professional baseball team. This statement from their GM is so good. People will want to play for the Kansas City Royals when you have people like Dayton Moore running the show and their new ownership giving the green light for all of this. He may not like when you jerk off, but at least he wants you to get paid and values things the right way. 

You see that John Fisher? That's how it's done. You are a criminal for the shit you're pulling on your guys in Oakland. Once again, go fuck yourself.