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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy Who Put A Knife To His Neighbor's Throat And Threatened To Kill Him Over The Music He Was Playing?

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 8.54.38 AM


IOWA CITY, IOWA — An Iowa City man has been charged with assault after police say he threatened to kill his neighbor over music. KWWL-TV reports ( ) 63-year-old Terrill Wiges was arrested Monday. Iowa City police charged him with assault while using a weapon and going armed with intent. Witnesses say Wiges threatened to kill the neighbor because of music he was playing. They say Wiges held a knife to the victim’s throat and asked him if he was ready to die. It’s unclear what type of music was playing or how loud it was. Wiges is being held at the Johnson County jail. Online jail records didn’t indicate bond or an attorney.


First of all, yep.  That does look like a guy who would press a knife to somebody’s throat over  something as trivial as music.  Sure does.  That face and the leathery texture it appears to be has lived a million lives packed into one and he’s drank too many beers, smoked too many heaters and delivered too many papers to have somebody annoy him with their music.  Simple as that.  Second, BIG piece of the puzzle missing here.  How is the article not going to say what type of music the neighbor was playing that caused this dude to snap and confront him about it?  That’s the determining factor and the police just decided to leave that out?  We as the people of the internet aren’t allowed to make a judgment call and know whose side we’re on until that information comes out.  If the guy was pissed because his neighbor was bumping early-to-mid 90’s East Coast hip hop then I say the guy with the knife should go to jail for life.  That’s some of the best music around and any person who can’t understand that should be in prison anyway.  But, if the neighbor was blaring One Direction or Biebs or Fifth Harmony or any of that other garbage then I fall on the side of the guy with the knife.  Hell, I encourage it.  As a blogger I’m not here to tell journalists how to do their job but the fact that nobody went up to a cop and asked “Hey, what kind of music was he playing?” is one of the many reasons newspapers are on their way out.  Figure it out people.