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Now I Guess You Know A UFC Staredown Is Intense When The Fighters' Masks Touch

What a world. Imagine showing this photo to someone a year ago?

They'd be like, "Dafuq's up with the masks? One of those dudes sick? They gonna let em fight sick?" 

Nope. Just a global pandemic goin on. We wear masks to protect the ones we love like we're all Peter fuckin Parker now.

Well, anyway, we got fights tomorrow, and some AWESOME fights at that - main evented by a welterweight clash between Tyron Woodley and Gilbert Burns!

The UFC is finally back in Vegas with these fights, and they'll be taking place in the smaller Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series cage, so make sure if you're betting tomorrow, you're betting on finishes, and unders, and things of that nature. They'll be more likely to happen and it should be a fun card to root for that kinda stuff to happen. 

I'll talk a ton more about the fights themselves and my picks and all of that tomorrow as always. Looking forward to it!

P.S. Oh, can't not bring this up....

Pretty great move. I'd definitely be trying to figure out how to do something fun mask-wise. I saw somebody on Twitter suggest a Bane one and that seems like a GREAT move. If only Glover Teixeira coulda gotten that advice weeks ago - he would've been PERFECT!