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Unmanned SpaceX Rocket Goes KABOOOOOOOOOOOOM On The Launching Pad

Elon Musk right now 

Listen I don't know if that was a planned SpaceX explosion or not (and judging by the guys' reaction it was most definitely not) but you gotta be SHITTING YOUR PANTS if you're one of the astronauts who's supposed to go up in an Elon Musk rocket. They're supposed to try a re-launch TOMORROW. And it's a re-launch because first launch couldn't happen because it was overcast a couple days ago. Tomorrow around 3pm ET two astronauts are supposed to get in an Elon Musk-designed rocket and be blasted into space. Imagine if you're those astronauts and you see what just happened with that unmanned rocket? I get that the rockets are probably completely different but at the end of the day they were designed by the same brain. The brain that designed the rocket the astronauts are stepping into tomorrow also designed the rocket that just blew up into a million pieces. I think the astronauts names are Bob and Doug and if I'm Bob and/or Doug I'm getting the fuck outta dodge ASAP. Bob and Doug gotta call in sick tomorrow. Being part of the first manned rocket sent to space in however long is simply not worth it after that video. Before that video I would've put a 5% chance on something going wrong. Now? Now that number is at like 60%. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck that.

PS- Someone in the comments of that tweet called Elon Musk "Phony Stark" and it's one of my favorite things ever. That's gonna stick.