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Neymar's Mom Is Somehow BACK TOGETHER With Her 22 Year Old Gamer Boyfriend Who Dated a 'String of Men' Before Her And Has A Freaky Obsession With Her Son

Some stories are just destined to never end in this world. The saga of superstar soccer player Neymar's mom and her 22 year old boyfriend has become an unexpected trilogy before our very eyes. After breaking up a month ago they are back together! 

In case you need quick refresher, let's review the first and second editions of their batshit crazy story line that would make Keeping Up With The Kardashians look like a PBS kids special. 

First we were introduced to the man Neymar's 52 year old mom rebounded with after divorcing her husband: a 22 year old gamer. This asshole. 

Just can't be having that guy around the house gallivanting as he bangs the woman who brought you into this world. Sometimes you need to step in and do what's right for your mom. It's your responsibility as a son to look out for her when she's blinded by the light of a 22 year old boy. 

Okay next....the truth comes out. Turns our gamer boy is big gay. Was sleeping with the family chef (a guy) and a Brazilian actor named Carlinhos Maia. He was also a Neymar fanatic who sent this message to Neymar years ago. Freaky shit that cannot continue to fly. 

"Neymar you are fantastic, I don’t know how to explain the emotion of being a fan of a guy like you. I see you playing and I”m very motivated, one day I hope to read this message with you, be your brother and play together. I know that one day I will meet you, because I am a dreamy boy where I do not give up on my goals! Stay with God, very successful and happy." 

NOPE. So he's this gay gamer who's obsessed with Neymar and just wants to be with him forever and ever. After gathering all of the facts the family begged mama Neymar to dumb this guy and sending him packing. She obliged thankfully and the world resumed spinning on its axis. Story over right? No sir. A month later they're back together and better than ever. Motherfucker. 

Nadine Goncalves, is back together with toyboy lover Tiago Ramos despite a 30-year age gap - even renting him a Sao Paulo flat so he can be near her, say reports in Brazil.

And reports in Brazil now claim Nadine has rented a luxury flat close to her Sao Paulo home for her lover.

WHAT IS HAPPENING???? How is Neymar allowing this to go on? This guy is just gay and wants to be close to your son because he's an obsessive freak. How is that not clear for everyone involved? Soccer players man. None of their lives are normal. It's impossible. There's always something. Here there's a lot of something and it's bad news bears. 

Pretty simple at this point. Neymar just has to murder him. Got to do it. You've tried all you can to end the relationship peacefully, but it wasn't enough. Murder is the only option left on the table and it's time. Make a deal with the cartel and they'll take care of it. You just can't let this to keep happening. 

Is this the last we hear from these two? Not a chance. Someone needs to get the rights to the reality TV show right now. This is the craziest running story that not enough people know about.