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This "America's Favorite Fast Food" Map Is The Biggest Lie I Have Ever Seen

What the fuck is this!?

Let me start by saying this, in general, these types of maps are complete and utter bullshit. The map will say something like, "Most Popular Sports Team By State" based off of Facebook likes (the most accurate of places the source) and have 60% of the map be one team, and then a few rivals in the wrong state. You can never really trust them, especially the food ones! I can't begin to count the number of times I have seen a fast-food map where In-N-Out isn't California's number-one pick or Texas doesn't have Whataburger. For example...

And that's why this map above pisses me off so much. For once, they got a lot of the obvious ones looking fairly accurate:
- California & Arizona: In-N-Out
- Texas: Whataburger
- Minnesota & Wisconsin: Culver's
- The Southeast: Chick-Fil-A
- North Carolina: Bojangle's
- Louisiana: Popeyes

Bravo, well done, clearly, your information was pretty spot on. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that these should, usually, be the answers every time one of these maps gets released.

So what's the problem? MOD PIZZA.

You mean to tell me half the country chooses MOD Pizza (a fast-casual spot, mind you) as its favorite fast food restaurant? Does half the country even know MOD Pizza exists?

(I've been a few times in California, it's fine, not great... it's the Chipotle equivalent of pizza and way better than Blaze)

It has 400 stores nationwide. Six in Georgia, yet number-one? Nine in Ohio, yet number-one? It's absurd.

This might explain it...

Which, keep in mind the graphic doesn't explain any data sourcing, if true, it means they should've thrown out the study before publishing it.

This map is ruining people's days. One of the best people at Barstool, Eddie, is in shambles!

This is a complete outrage.

I can't even discuss this anymore. Instead, enjoy this really cool streaming map we put out today.

Until next time…