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The Smartest Scientists In The World Did A Study And Concluded A Beer A Day Will Help You Live Longer

[Source] - Scientists discovered some brews are bursting with health-boosting probiotics. They claim a daily tipple can “be very good for you” and protects against obesity, insomnia and dementia.

Experts found strong Belgian beers — such as Hoegaarden, Westmalle Tripel and Echt Kriekenbier — are particularly rich in probiotic yeast

I wonder if these scientists are connected to Zillion Beers, because it sounds exactly like something Dana B would say, just smarter. I mean sure the words 'mangled, zillion and table' aren't involved here, but they remind me of each other. That said, these are the smartest scientists and the best study I've ever seen. It's no secret I enjoy my beer. I am more than happy to oblige to have a few daddy soda's for dinner. 

Now? Well now I have the perfect excuse. It will help me live longer. It will make me skinnier (no clue how that works), make me sleep early and keep my mind sharp. Again, I'm not quite sure how it works that way but I'm going to take their word. Granted, I do know that alcohol will make me sleep early and well, but the skinny part is where I'm lost. I've tested this theory out numerous times and I haven't lost weight drinking beers.


That said, this could be the problem

Professor Eric Claassen, a gut bacteria expert at Amsterdam University, said: “In high concentrations, alcohol is bad for the gut, but if you drink just one of these beers every day it would be very good for you.

Yeah that could be it. That's definitely the problem. 

We've seen beer work wonders before though. Remember the guy in Cincinnati who had a diet consisting only of beer for lent? 

I mean if he can do it and come out healthier than ever, it has to work. This just completely flipped the game on its head. No more working out. No more eating healthy. Just going to drink beer for 10 days and drop 10 pounds. Maybe get crazy and do 20 days and 20 pounds. 

Also dropping this study on a Friday, I know what you're doing here. It's genius.