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Another One At Home: (10) Tennessee Set For Friday Afternoon Clash with (24) South Carolina

After a day off, the (10) Tennessee Volunteers and Head Coach Gus Duggerton are back in action in just a couple of hours. Inside the top 10 for the first time this season, the lone undefeated team in the SEC faces a big task at 3 PM ET, as the Vols meet the (24) South Carolina Gamecocks.

Although Coach Duggs' squad is one of the few SEC teams still in contention for a National Championship this season, you have to remember that in this conference, it just means more. Anything can happen on any given day. 

Throughout the course of his five-year career, Coach Duggs has actually struggled when playing afternoon games. His lone loss when at the helm with USC came on a Friday afternoon to UCLA. Just earlier this week, Tennessee fell in a quick, 17-0 hole at Toledo (before closing the game on a 51-0 run). 

Coach Duggs will be back in the Twitch studio today with special guests Rone and Mississippi State QB Brandon Walker roaming the sidelines with him. They were there last week as well, when Tennessee finagled its way to an ugly win vs. UConn (28-24). 

The Volunteers (7-0, 3-0) can keep climbing up the rankings with another quality SEC win today. Will Coach Duggs remain locked in as we approach the home stretch?

See you at 3 PM.