So What Exactly Is A "Winner's Edit" In Survivor?

In an effort to get us through this potentially long offseason, I'm going to keep providing us with at least weekly Survivor content. This week, I want to look at the "winner's edit." It's a popular term among Survivor fans that gets thrown around a lot without much explanation. It is basically fans guessing who the winner is based on their edit, using "edgic." Edgic is trying to predict the outcome of Survivor seasons based on "edit" and "logic." 

It makes sense that the producers and editors of the show would want to make the winner of their reality TV show look as good as possible so their audience can be satisfied. It's a useful tool for fans to guess along as the season airs. Some people don't like it because they feel like it becomes too predictable and ruins the surprise, but while that can be true sometimes, I personally think it just adds to the fun. It's one of those things that you can't unlearn once you see it. So if you'd rather not know about it, then click out of this blog. I have your page view already anyway. 

If you want to continue, class is in session. 

Let's start with this video which does a great video of explaining it. 


Peridiam is a great YouTube account and I highly recommend it for any Survivor fans. To break down the winner's edit, we'll look at some things he said and also my own observations. 

Introduced Early On

The winner is probably going to have a "winner's quote" in the first episode of the season, or definitely in the first few. Some quote that shows they have potential to be a good player and showcases their human side too. The editors want to make sure this is someone we're paying attention to early on. 

Interact Well With Others/Are Talked About Positively 

In addition to the winner's own confessionals, you'll also see them having positive interactions with their tribe members that make them look like a strong player. They will also probably be talked about in a positive light by other players. This isn't to say that a winner is immune to all criticism, but they'll definitely get a lot less negative attention after a bad move/challenge performance than others would. 

We Understand Their Actions

A winner is rarely going to have a moment where we think "What the hell are they doing?" If they do or say something questionable, it will be explained and we'll understand where they're coming from. It won't just be written off as "Well this person doesn't know what they're doing." 

Well Rounded Personality 

The winner's personality will be fully-fleshed out. While the majority will be positive, we'll also see them in some down moments that make them vulnerable and more relatable. They're not going to be perfect. 

Emotional Moments

This is a huge one. More than one person will get emotional moments, but the winner is almost guaranteed to get at least one. It's typically a moment talking about their family and wanting to provide for them. Think of the focus on Jeremy's family in Cambodia. 

These are some things to keep an eye on for your next season of Survivor if you want to try to predict the winner. And if your'e not watching yet, check out my binge guide.