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Man Tries To Cancel Comcast, Crazy Psycho Guy At Comcast Won't Let Him Do It


This is the most Comcast service of all time. But you have to respect it. They won’t give you their service correctly if you want it, and they won’t cancel it for you either. You are always in Comcast purgatory. Always in the palm of their hand, fighting for every inch with them. What an amazing phonecall. The Comcast guy is probably under some sort of spell right? There’s no other explanation. Bro, you work for Comcast. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about anything. They are witch doctors over there. At some point the guy asks if it’s a joke that he can’t cancel his service. No man, it’s witchcraft. Comcast is the devil. There’s no other explanation. Nobody has ever given a shit about anything as much as he cares about the guy leaving Comcast. Nobody.

And the patience of the guy who called is unparalleled. He should be on a bomb squad or something. How did he keep his composure? He might be equally as crazy on the other side of the spectrum for not going ape shit at the 2 minute mark of this call.