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Wake Up With Richie Aprile Getting Murdered At The Dinner Table

I'm deep on another rewatch of season 2 and I can't get over just how diabolically creative it is to kill Richie like this. On one hand you have him lining up to come for Tony behind everyone's back in the midst of courting Janice. On the other you have Tony reluctantly yet proactively ordering Sylvio to Get it fuckin done first. The tension around what Tony was finally going to do is as tight as anything in the series and WHOOPS turns out Janice put one in his chest and head respectively. Unreal storytelling from David Chase to hammer home just how fucked up this entire family is and those around it. The fact you walk away each episode feeling like this lifestyle is normal is testament to its status as an All Timer. 

PS - People forget Ralphie was a good earner. We gotta turn that around