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Heidi Klum? Still Got It At 46

America's Got Talent is back on the air, so so is Heidi Klum. I haven't been an AGT fan since 2008 or whenever it started, but Heidi Klum continues to be an ageless soul:

Age? 46. Still putting out great content. The rich and attractive don't age much. 

SOURCE-She is currently in lockdown with her husband and fellow German Tom Kaulitz, 30, who is part of the band Tokio Hotel with his twin brother Bill. 

Heidi and Tom's backyard includes a piece of the Berlin Wall that he presented her with as a gift last year. He happens to have been born in 1989, the year it fell.

At first, I saw the bit about the Berlin Wall and was confused. What a bizarre thing to give to your wife. I then remembered Heidi is German. Pretty cool thing to have. Wonder how much that wall cost.