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7-Year-Old Throws Party for Babysitter Whose Senior Prom Was Canceled

WTVD — Seven-year-old Curtis Rogers is quickly becoming Raleigh's biggest prom king.

"I planned it out because Rachel probably wanted to see me a lot," Curtis said. "She also is one of the best people I've known."

Curtis who hadn't seen his nanny, Rachel Chapman, in two months because of COVID-19, wanted to throw her a prom.

"I was kind of like bummed putting my dress on because I was sad; I don't get to wear it to my senior prom," Chapman said. "After leaving it and having that time with him because it was the first time I had seen him in two months, it was like, really fun, and I'm really glad that he did that."

Man, shoutout to the young king Curtis. I know he's only seven years old, but this kid already has more game than most men in this country have as adults — and he doesn't even realize it. That's just the way he rolls. He's going places.

Most high school seniors didn't get prom or graduation this year in any form, but Rachel got her own cool party thanks to King Curtis, the coolest kid in Raleigh.

"He was very excited and wanted to make sure everything was just right and get his suit on and pick out his bowtie that matched her dress," she said. "It was really cute. He was really excited for it to start and make sure he was ready to impress her."

Curtis had the whole night planned out from their favorite after-school snack -- peanut butter and apples -- as an appetizer to using a pool noodle to maintain a safe social distance and having Google serve as the DJ playing Rachel's favorite songs.


Curtis is just the best. It would be one thing for an adult to do this for their own child or for another high school student to do it for their boyfriend or girlfriend, but this is the most pure story I've seen in a while. This little kid wanted to do something nice for someone he cares about who had her prom taken away, so he just made it happen.

We could use a few more people like Curtis in the world. You keep doing big things, young king.