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Parking Lot Karen Blocks Traffic By Sitting On A Car So Her Granddaughter Can Get A Spot

Holy moly am I sick of these videos. Every time I go on the internet it's, 'Karen this', 'Karen that.' I can't get away from these monsters. I'm starting to think that the quarantine emboldened them. They've been ruling their own house with an iron fist for so long that they think they can do it in the real world. I mean look at this woman...She's essentially the final boss when it comes to Karens. "Live, Laugh, Love" Shirt? 



Check. Also, puke. 

Massive sunglasses to hide her identity? 


The woman is a walking stereotype. Good on those girls for not running her over. I don't know if I would've had the self control. Especially considering THERE WAS ANOTHER SPOT OPEN. Also, did she not know she was getting filmed? Or did she just not care? Whatever. I'm done writing about Karens. Bye.