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If You Tell Somebody To Grab A Bag Of Chips When Picking Up Lunch What Kind Would You Buy?





So I got a turkey club for lunch today.  Told our guy Louis to pick me up a bag of chips with it.  Dude brings back Mesquite Barbecue and Sweet Onion. Naturally this pissed me off.   Bro if I wanted flavored chips I would have specified flavored chips.  When I say “chips” that means you buy original.  You can’t just start picking flavors on your own.   And you know what the craziest part of this is?  There seems to be some debate about this at the office.  Like Lady Feiteberg thinks I needed to specify that I wanted original and that by not doing so I left it open. Bro what planet are you on?   When you don’t specify that means by default it’s original.  It honestly can’t be more black and white.  I just don’t get how I work with such absolute idiots.  It’s like they literally have no understanding how life works.  It’s infuriating.