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Laron Profit Talked Shit After Beating MJ On ONE (1!!) Possession During A Wizards Practice ... MJ Then Traded Profit To The Magic

Laron Profit! What a throwback name. You may remember Laron Profit more from the University of Maryland because here's his career stats with the Wizards: 

What's not listed there is the time he beat Michael Jordan on one possession in practice. If there's one thing we've learned is that Michael Jordan takes things pretty, pretty personal. So if you told him he had old ass knees, whether it's true or not, you just became his enemy. You know what he does to enemies? Doesn't let them play on the Dream Team. Beats them in NBA Finals. Also apparently trades them to the Magic. Because that's exactly what Michael Jordan did here according to Rip Hamilton. 

Low key the funniest part is that Profit didn't even play for the Magic! He got released and then had to go play overseas. MJ ruined his NBA career for a few years before he came back to the Wizards after three seasons. I do kind of love the balls on Profit here, even if I hated his guts at Maryland. Just a 2nd round pick, playing 17 minutes per game, let me go ahead and talk shit to MJ. Seems like a smart idea. You can see that Hamilton was even like uhh yeah he probably shouldn't have done that retelling the story nearly 20 years later. 

Fucking MJ. Of course MJ traded him for the draft rights to Brendan Haywood - a UNC guy. Just the ultimate MJ move. From the insult to reaction to landing a UNC guy instead. We really need a documentary episode on MJ with the Wizards. Somehow people just always forget to talk about those few years with MJ.