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VIDEO: Talk About An Absolute Cannon Of An Arm

You wanna see an arm? That's a damn CANNON of an arm. 

This comes to us via @CaitWaitt on TikTok. According to her Instagram, she goes to Kent State, so her cannon of an arm makes a little bit more sense....MACtion baby, MACtion!

Caitlyn was called out in the TikTok comments for using a "4th-grade ball." Even if she did, who cares? She threw that thing 40+ yards. Most girls (and guys) I know can't throw a damn spiral. 

Caitlyn then decided to put said commenter in a body bag:

Get her a tryout for the team, Coach! She knows how to throw a football better than some college QBs! Look at how she dips her shoulder to change her launch angle!