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UFC Fighter Macy Chiasson Calls Out Bellator Fighter Valerie Loureda For "Strip Tease" On TikTok

Valerie Loureda has been featured on a few blogs here on Barstool Sports. Makes sense, she's hot and a part of a top tier MMA organization. Sports and girls are kind of our business model around here. 

Yesterday, Valerie posted a TikTok on her Twitter:

I had no complaints, specifically the ending. 

I assumed most approved of the TikTok or just ignored it. That can't be said for UFC fighter Macy Chiasson:

What I saw was a fine young woman showing off her fighting skills along with her body. Macy Chiasson saw a woman falling to the patriarchy because she shook her ass on a TikTok. Also, the whole "role model" thing? Yawnnnn. Macy can be a role model if she'd like, Valerie doesn't have to be one if she doesn't want. Plus, your view of a role model is much different than somebody else's. 

Valerie struck back:


After round 1, Valerie is up 1-0. 

A knockdown from Valerie! Macy is hurt! Will she survive into round 3?

Macy is back up on her feet but that blow seems to have hurt her….OH!

It's ALL over! Knockout! The ref has stopped the fight.