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A Former Playboy Model Now Called 'The Hottest Soccer Agent In The World' Is Trying To Buy Her Own Soccer Club

Meet Anamaria Prodan, who is an absolute content machine. She started as a Playboy model, then she turned into a soccer agent and now she's trying to buy her own soccer team. It's pretty much the Ari Gold strategy just with Playboy added. Shit, even her quotes sound like Ari Gold

Prodan certainly doesn't lack confidence. She is said to have once claimed "all men" want her - and that could be true for footballers at least, given her standing as a top agent in the game. Anamaria Prodan, a former Playboy model who has been called "the world's hottest football agent".

I love it. She's trying to back her claim. Who is to say that she was just talking about guys wanting her sexually? Maybe she's talking about all men want to play for her soccer team that she's trying to own. Hell she's already married to a soccer player, she's been an agent, it just seems logical. She's probably awesome at negotiating unlike Amanda Daniels, since she didn't marry Vince. 

She's trying to buy a Romanian team known as FC Hermannstadt, because they are severely in debt. So let's add that to her resume, Good Samaritan. I do want to know who else is in contention for world's hottest agent? I need a full breakdown of this list. 

Not only that but as I went through her Instagram I found out her daughter is a redshirt freshman on the Ole Miss women's basketball team. Not only that she was the 49th best recruit in the country! 

It's the Romanian dream.