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A Rant So Good I Came... Simple As That

This dude has my vote. Not sure what the rest of his beliefs are but this would get my vote. A fired up dude with a flat top and spittin mad talkin about the common man struggles.

Damn near everybody in the country feels this way at least all the workin stiffs do. I’m a workin stiff and I endorse this message but let me be clear, I don’t care who sucks cocks and who doesn’t. Not saying this guy cares but throwin out cocksucker with such passion is strong and it really gets the point across. Again, nothing wrong with suckin a little dick. Probably 60 percent of adults do. In fact, you’re in the minority if you aren’t suckin dick. Let that sink in... your mouth.

Ps: I know this is old but I saw it so fuck it.